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Are your posts, ads and videos driving the right traffic to your website? Is your website optimized to capture leads from specific campaigns? Meteoric Studios offers an all in one, brand centric, full circle lead campaign solution. Get the traffic you need to succeed.

What we do

We create a branded campaign through strategy, execution and analysis.


Branded Campaign Strategy

We analize your branding, messaging and align it to your vision, mission and value. 

Branded Design

We translate the Brand Strategy into brand visuals creating a brand guidelines to use across marketing channels.


SEO Script Writing

We write a high converting, high ranking script that not only drives traffic to your website but matches the flow of the site.


Video Production

We produce 30 Second Spots using the script we wrote and get them in front of  your target audience. 

Lead Capture Page Design

Now we develop a branded lead capture page that follows the script, captures leads and converts them to clients. 


All our leadpages are created with a built in retargeting tool that inscreases conversions 30% on average.

lead campaigns by the numbers

With a $250 ad spend, a well planned, branded campaign we can get your business in front of 1000’s of potential clients.





branded campaign strategy

Do you have a value proposition? Most ad campaigns fail because they are off-brand or arent speaking to your target market. We dive deep into your buisness offering and create KPI’s (key performance indicators) to drive targeted ads a boost qualified leads through both TV and Online Media.

How we create your campaign.


Value Statement

Your campaign is only as good as your foundation and your brand foundation is more than your logo. We develop a call to action that aligns with the value and service you offer your clients. 


Campaign Readiness

We review your company website and marketing and help you optimize your landing page or create a landing page that maximizes lead generation.


Script Writing

Your message refined into 30 seconds! These short but informative videos are great for social media and TV. All our packages include a targeted TV run that averages 25K impressions per week!


Production Day

About an hour before shooting we arrive on set, whether in studio or at your office to get ready. We use the script and storyboard thumbnails as our guide and we shoot the video.



Now that the video has been shot, we use the script, record the voiceovers and edit a rough cut for you to review. Next, we make final changes and create the campaign ready file. 


Landing Page Creation

The average landing page converts clients at just 1.5% depending on the industry! A great landing page, that captures clients can convert up to 12%. By matching the landing page to the video, we get closer to the 12% because its exactly what people expected to see when they came to your site.


Video Funnel Launch

This is where we walk you through the advertising portal step by step. We teach you how to upload your video, create a targeted campaign, schedule the launch and track its success.



Turn more visitors into customers. Reengage your website visitors and past customers with targeted, highly-personalized experiences that keep you top of mind, throughout your customers’ journey.

Starter Packages

Not every project is one size fits all but these packages can help get your business up and running!

TV is more affordable than ever! Start driving qualified leads with targeted Video Campaigns that will grow your business.

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